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Domain Experience

Domain Experience

This list represents some of the industries we have active, domain experience with. Chances are, if you don’t see your industry here, we have likely still worked in it.

Food & Beverage
Fish and poultry processing
Pasta (fresh, dried, dehydrated noodles / meals, sauces)
Dried fruit processing (vine and tree)
Fruit processing and juice manufacturing
Pizza Manufacture and distribution
Food and ingredient importing and wholesale distribution
Coffee and espresso equipment importing and distribution
Flavorings and ingredients
Soups and prepared foods manufacturing

Footwear and apparel manufacturing and distribution
Luxury bags and watch importing and distribution

Automotive wheels, motorcycle components and engine parts
Steel (sheet, coil, and profile)
Concrete reinforcing
Plastic pipe, fittings and irrigation components
Concrete Drainage products (municipal and industrial)
Structural steel engineering
Auto-radiator and cooling systems
Furniture manufacturing & distribution
Large scale concrete mixing and batching
Vehicle cabin air-conditioning
Jewelry Manufacturing and Precious Metal Processing
Baking Equipment distribution, manufacturing, installation and servicing
Anodic and Cathode Corrosion prevention
Artist paints
Chemical additives, adhesives and coatings
Cosmetics & Personal Care
OEM and aftermarket automotive components
Contract Packaging

Building products importing
FMCG/CPG retailing/buying groups/co-ops (electrical, white goods, bedding, furniture etc)
Building supplies retailing
Guest room security solutions
Deck screws, drilling tools and construction fasteners
Baking/pastry equipment
Automotive parts and OEM accessories

Laboratory/Testing services
Transport services
Automotive servicing, Tire importing & distribution
Financial services and analytics
IT and Hosting Services
Petroleum and Oil testing/analysis services

Telephone equipment rental and leasing
Site accommodation and equipment
Building Cranes

Natural Resources
Stone and rock mining, quarrying and processing

Engineered pump sets, generator sets, stationary diesel engines and control units

and more…………

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