How do you guarantee a successful ERP implementation when over 70% of projects fail??


ERP Success

A successful ERP implementation isn’t always guaranteed.

Do you want to maximize your investment in your people and your ERP system? 

Do you want to maximize you chances of success?

Then get the process right the first time using our services

Going live is only the first phase of the process

A continued effort and focus is needed to get the full benefits from any ERP enabled process.

It is hard to balance competing organizational needs – having your teams get back to doing their jobs and getting on with business vs continuing to focus on improvements that your ERP can help deliver.

Your ERP and how it is utilized in your business should be an evolutionary process, with ongoing improvements with efficiency gains delivered to your business bottom line.

Our ERP services extend to post implementation reviews to ensure you continue to get value from your significant investment – put our experience to work for you.

We will help you take the longer term view and help you build an ongoing improvement and optimization process.

It isnt a coincidence that ERP and ROI have the same number of letters.

We want you to be an ERP implementation success story.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Poorly understood requirements
  • Failed selection process
  • Insufficient buy-in and commitment
  • Poor planning and project management
  • Weak change management
  • Underestimating resources required
  • Lack of key user involvement
  • Poorly defined scope
  • Ineffective or no communication

If they do, you need to talk to us!

What we do:

  • We offer a range of services to make it easier to be successful with your ERP project.
  • Our tool set capitalizes on our experience.  We have many successful projects in our portfolio and have worked with a broad range of industries.
  • A critical first step in any successful ERP implementation is organizational alignment – and we help you align people, processes and systems.
  • Selecting an ERP solution and partner is a balance between functionality, cost and complexity.  We are independent and can help you manage this challenge – our job is to recommend the best-fit solution and partner for your project.
  • Our guidance will help you balance the competing needs of your departments.
  • ERP implementations are hard work and need a lot of coordinated effort from your business to ensure success.

    How we do it:

    We have done the job ourselves and uniquely blend theory and practical experience along with many years of industry experience.

    Our tailored ERP Implementation Success services include:

    • Business Process mapping
    • Current and Future state analysis
    • Process re-design
    • ERP requirements analysis
    • Develop and document functional needs
    • Undertake vendor appraisal
    • Project, Program and Change Management
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Training needs analysis
    • Internal project champion identification and mentoring
    • Project tool selection

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