Is your PM team stretched too thinly? 

Are there too many competing interests? 

Do you need more PM resources but can’t add more FTE’s?   

Let us help you scale for success

Project Management as a Service

We can help by bringing our considerable skills and experience to bear so you can guarantee success. 

Using Seapoint Business Solutions as your Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) partner allows you to scale your resources as needed. 

Why PMaaS?


There are challenging, critical change initiatives where you need confidence in your PMO delivery.


There’s a lack of capability or capacity to provide an effective PM/PMO service in house.


You are seeking greater PM/PMO cost transparency and manageability.


Mobility, flexibility and scalability


Leverage perspective and experience

Why Seapoint?


Professional approach

Our project managers have extensive experience and will keep the project organized and on track. Our knowledge, techniques, and tools increase your team’s productivity and help you achieve the desired results.


Risk management

There are always risks with projects.  No matter how well planned the project or program is, there remains a significant chance for potential risks to cause a project failure.   We identify and mitigate for risks and minimize the impact on your project.



The goal of project management is to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. If your project is structured and the work is organized properly, your team is focused and the quality of work goes up.


    Client support

    Our project managers support our clients throughout the project.  We  keep you updated on progress. We ensure there is a clear understanding of the current status, timeline, budget and risks.

    What We Bring


    Leadership and Quality

    Project leadership from professional and experienced PM’s



    Reach-back resources to bring whatever experience and knowledge is needed for every project.



    Resources needed to supplement your staff, or completely handle the process while you carry on with business as usual.



    A fresh set of eyes looking at your operation and shining a light on missed opportunities for improvement that can make all the difference.



    On-demand services flex to changing needs and multiple or competing priorities and stakeholders.


    Reduced Risk

    The expertise to be on the lookout for signs of a problem and known dangers, reducing risk and delays


    Reduced Cost

    Only pay for what you need. You can keep projects moving forward without the cost of an FTE.


    Vendor Management

    Experience managing multiple external partners and vendors to ensure they are delivering on their commitments to bring the most value to your project and organization.


    Known Cost

    If you sign up for subscription, we charge a flat monthly service fee.  If working on a per engagement basis, we provide a detailed Statement of Work and estimate.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We focus on your needs and requirements to ensure you are successful and satisfied with our deliverables and service

    Independent Perspective

    Our ability to provide an independent perspective and voice helps us spot the warning signs before your project goes off the rails and then do something about it!  

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