Program and Project Management are critical tools for success in delivering business objectives and activities.
Program Management Project Management

The roles of Program Manager vs Project Manager are different, but many of the functions overlap.

Whether you are planning a longer term strategy (Program) or a temporary endeavor (Project), we are experienced and will help you succeed.



We collaborate with you and your team to align your programs and projects with your business objectives


We drive the change needed within the business to succeed.

For Programs:

  • We review the portfolio and ensure alignment with your business objectives
  • We report on the state and status of the portfolio
  • We identify, manage and mitigate risks across the program portfolio.
  • We manage, deliver and measure the program
  • We drive stakeholder engagement at all levels
  • We provide a different, experienced perspective

For Projects:

  • We facilitate scope, timeline, resource list and budget
  • We drive deliverables through standard project management tools and methodologies
  • We develop and maintain project plans and RAID/tasks logs
  • We ensure project assets are in place and stored
  • We develop training needs and training plans
  • We undertake a QC review of deliverables
  • We prevent scope creep
  • We deliver project and stakeholder meetings

Program and Project Management aren’t easy but our experience will help you avoid the typical challenges experienced in the life of Programs and Projects

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