Is your gut telling you your project is in trouble?  Is it time to consider a project recovery and turnaround specialist to help refocus the project?


Project Recovery and Project Turnaround

We’ve all seen the statistics – over 70% of projects fail.  Don’t let your project add to these numbers!!

Warning Signs

  • Milestone dates come and go
  • Lack of clear messaging about project goals and deliverables
  • Fundamental project tools (“Artefacts”) are missing (project scope, project plan, RAID log etc)
  • Status reports seem out of sync with what you are seeing or hearing
  • Long periods with status reporting showing items in amber
  • Budget issues
  • It feels “out of control”
  • No buy in from project team
  • Unresponsive vendor or partner
  • Repeated Failed test cycles
  • Lack of clear and consistent communication
  • Issue list/RAID log is growing and nothing is being resolved
  • Expectations not clear or not being managed

We’ll help you get a clear picture of your project’s true status, provide advice on solutions to get things back on track and help execute for success. 

Project Recovery and Turnaround is hard work but it will get you back on track to success.  We offer a wide range of program and project services.

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